New Mothers Can Experience Baby Blues Syndrome? Here’s How to Overcome It

After giving birth, women are prone to experiencing severe mood disorders or changes. Mood swing conditions in pregnant women are referred to as Baby Blues Syndrome or Postpartum Distress Syndrome. Not a few women who later experience this condition after childbirth. So, what exactly is meant by baby blues syndrome? Read the answer below.

Baby blues syndrome is a condition experienced by women in the form of excessive feelings of anxiety and sadness. This mood swings generally occur after the mother gives birth. In general, baby blues syndrome will get worse on 3-4 days after giving birth. This condition also usually only occurs in the first 14 days. Even so, this condition should not be taken lightly.

Overcoming Baby Blues Syndrome in New Mothers

This syndrome is often thought to occur due to the changing hormone condition in a woman’s body. During pregnancy, a woman experiences many changes from physical and non-physical form which include hormones in her emotional as well. After giving birth, there are hormonal changes in the body that affect the mother’s feelings.

How to Overcome Baby Blues Syndrome in Pregnant Women

Decreased levels of estrogen and progesterone or other hormones produced by the thyroid gland can cause the mother to become tired, emotional changes, to depression. In addition to hormones, fatigue from caring for a newborn can also be a cause of Baby Blues Syndrome. Feelings of depression can also arise due to changes in sleep patterns. Baby blues in mothers are characterized by several symptoms, such as:

  • Feeling sad that causes the mother to cry and feel depressed.
  • Emotions are unstable, so they get angry easily and appear unreasonable fear.
  • Feeling tired, having trouble sleeping and frequent headaches.
  • Feeling less confident and anxiety arises.

The emergence of Baby Blues Syndrome is commonly experienced by mothers after giving birth. However, if this condition is allowed to continue it can have a negative effect on the mother and child. For this reason, mothers are advised to deal with Baby Blues Syndrome appropriately. Some things you can do to overcome Baby Blues Syndrome are:

  • Make preparations for childbirth from the physical, mental, and material. When the mother is ready with the presence of the baby, then the anxiety when the Little One is born will not make the mother feel depressed, but instead feels happy.
  • Looking for a lot of information about childbirth is important to do so that mothers are not „shocked“ when starting to care for your child. Talk to your doctor about how to care for your child while maintaining his health. When the mother knows how and is ready to care for your child, Baby Blues Syndrome can be avoided.
  • Sharing the burden with your partner is the best way to avoid Baby Blues Syndrome. Talking about problems caring for your child and sharing responsibilities with your partner can ease the burden on the mother, both physically and psychologically.
  • Share experiences with other mothers through online communities or with friends who are also mothers.
  • Paying attention to diet and rest sufficiently so that the condition of the body is always healthy.
  • Trying to always think positive is the key to avoiding Baby Blues Syndrome.

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