Tricks for Choosing Food to Get a Boy

Pregnancy can be the moment awaited by several married couples. In fact, most prospective parents may have their own preferences for the sex of their children, such as the desire to have a son.

The opportunity to get a boy or a girl is just as great. However, there are several ways you can do to get a boy. One way is to change your diet. Some foods affect gender because of the nutrients they contain. This is the review.

How to Get Boys Through Food Consumption

In general, married couples who want to make plans to have children at a certain age. In addition, some others may determine the sex of their children later. Apparently, you can try to determine the sex of the baby depending on the food consumed.

How to Get Boys Through Food Consumption

Food consumed by pregnant women from the beginning turned out to affect the sex and health conditions of the baby being conceived. Therefore, one way that can be tried to get a boy is to regulate food intake during pregnancy. There are various types of food to get a boy, including:

  • Banana
  • One of the foods as a way to get boys is banana. These foods are rich in potassium to help sperm last longer in the mother’s womb. In addition, bananas are also a good snack with a rich content of minerals and vitamins for the fetus and pregnant women.

  • Citrus Fruit
  • Eating citrus fruit can also be a way to get a boy in pregnant women. The content of vitamin C in the fruit helps the uterus to form a baby boy. Other fruits that can be consumed are oranges. By consuming it intact, the alkaline content in it will also remain intact.

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  • Salty Foods and Seafood
  • Salty food and seafood is one way to get a boy. Eating salty foods, like salted fish can provide a lot of nutrients when pregnant. The content of these foods is rich in protein, iron, and phosphorus. Dry salted fish contains sodium which increases the chance of having a baby boy. However, you must reduce it when you are positively pregnant.

    In addition, the pregnancy program to get a boy can also be fulfilled by consumption of seafood intake. Prospective fathers who consume seafood regularly, the zinc content in their sperm will increase. If the number of sperm produced is more, the chances of getting pregnant are getting higher.

  • Tomato
  • Sperm that can produce baby boys is fairly soft and requires the right pH level at conception. By eating tomatoes, you balance the levels of sodium and potassium in the body. In addition, you must reach the appropriate alkaline pH level. High vitamin C content in tomatoes can increase the likelihood of the uterus to produce a baby boy.

    Here are foods that can be consumed as a way to get a baby boy. In addition, you must maintain a healthy body to stay healthy during pregnancy. In addition, you must keep food clean so that the nutrients you get can be maximal.