When Pregnant, This is the Change that Happened to Miss V

Pregnancy is a condition that many couples and couples look forward to. This is because having a pregnancy certainly adds to the happiness of the couple. Not only things that are fun, women who undergo pregnancy also experience changes in him.

During pregnancy, many changes occur in the body. Starting from changes in body weight, mood, breast to Miss V or vagina. Many mothers are not aware of changes in the vagina during pregnancy. Changes that occur generally will be felt during pregnancy in the second and third trimesters.

Mother, These Changes Happen to the Vagina during Pregnancy

In early pregnancy, mood swings and changes in appetite in fact become quite a few things that are felt. This is caused by morning sickness that is commonly experienced by pregnant women in the first trimester. But in fact there is no emotional change alone, there are physical changes that begin to occur in pregnant women.

Changes Happen to the Vagina during Pregnancy

Changes in breast and vagina have occurred when mothers undergo the first trimester of their pregnancy. This condition is in fact the result of hormonal changes that are large enough in a woman’s body. Come on, know what changes occur in the vagina when women undergo pregnancy.

  • 1. Varices appear in the vagina
  • When undergoing pregnancy, blood flow occurs more rapidly into the vagina. This is why varicose veins are seen in the vagina when women undergo pregnancy. This condition is known as vulvar varicosities. Reporting from Medical News Today, symptoms experienced by pregnant women with vulvar varicosities, such as feeling depressed vaginal area, swelling in the vaginal area, and pain after a long standing, having sex, and other physical activity.

  • 2. Vaginal Color Change
  • Reporting from Parents, the vagina is generally pink. However, pregnant women will experience changes in color in the vagina. The vagina of a pregnant woman becomes slightly bluish due to an increase in blood flow to the vagina.

  • 3. Itchy Vagina
  • If the mother is undergoing pregnancy, you should not panic when itching naturally occurs in the vaginal area. Hormonal changes that occur cause changes in the vagina to itch when women undergo pregnancy.

    Reported by New Kids Center, vaginal itching experienced by pregnant women can be caused by excessive sweating in the area of ​​sex organs. Note if itching in the vagina is accompanied by other symptoms, such as pain in the vagina and pain when urinating. It never hurts to do an examination at the nearest hospital to ensure the health condition of the mother. Now mothers can make an appointment with a doctor through the Halodoc application.

  • 4. Faster Intimate Organ Hair Growth
  • Increased estrogen levels in the body can accelerate the growth of hair that grows around the intimate organs of pregnant women. Instead, be diligent in maintaining the cleanliness of the area of ​​sex organs so that mothers and fetuses avoid health problems.

    Those are some of the changes that occur in the vaginal area when mothers undergo pregnancy. It never hurts to always meet the needs of water so that the health of the mother and fetus is maintained. In addition, keep the body properly hydrated, because in fact dehydration can cause irritation to the sex organs.